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Infra Red illuminator 70m at 25° Indoor / Outdoor application Wavelength: 850nM Beam Angle: 25° Hybrid LED Integrated multiple LED in one single chip Develope IR Illuminators with Hybrid LED Semi permanent life time, various application for security solution and equipment Efficiency Hybrid LED has much more powerful energy from 5W up to 100W Durability Designed by filming on the …

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Infra Red Illuminator 30m at 45° Angle: 45° The illumination distance of active IR for outdoor can reach up to 30m. Selecting many kinds of light source: 850nM, White Light. Low loss, service life of up to 50,000 hours, to archieve more environmentally-friendly illumination. Chip was newest hybrid Arrray technology. 12VDC, built-in control circuit with constant current to ensure stability …

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