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  • Storage-only platform
  • IP SAN storage scales across appliances
  • Advances data protection with RAID 6x
  • Easy-to-learn appliance model

The DataBank STACâ„¢

DataBank appliances deliver both compute and storage resources that scale as appliances are “stacked” together in a DataBank Storage And Compute Stack (STAC). Each DataBank contributes compute resources dedicated to hardware RAID so that IP SAN resources are created, protected and shared across the entire STAC. A DataBank STAC contains from three to twelve DataBanks and can be expanded on the fly.

Key Features

  • Improve Storage Uptime
    DataBanks are stacked together to create a high availability iSCSI SAN. Storage components, network connections and even complete appliance failures can be sustained without a?ecting data availability.
  • Scale IP SAN Storage Seamlessly
    Storage can be logically and physically expanded while applications are running to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Appliances contribute new capacity, bandwidth and RAID resources to the expanded array.
  • Enhance Disk Protection with RAID 6x
    Advanced RAID techniques protect data against the most extreme conditions. While conventional RAID systems protect up to two simultaneous drive failures, Pivot3 RAID 6x extends failure protection to five simultaneous disks or two drives and the loss of an entire appliance.
  • Data-on in Thirty Minutes
    A load-balanced appliance model reduces the upfront configuration time since confgurations are dynamic and storage resources are applied as needed. There is no need to master complex SAN concepts since the STAC is based on familiar Ethernet and server standards.