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GV-Access Control



GV cctv


Installed in local PC, link to controllers
Main function:
Management & Monitoring


Video Integration Features

  • Managing access and alarm events with associated video under one platform makes historical data/ video evidence search easy
  • Unlimited and user-defined matrixes of 16-screen multi live view makes central monitoring possible. Matrix setting is simple by drag & drop of cameras to the multiview window.
  • Video can be provided from various sources: GeoVision DVR, GV-Video Server, GV-Compact DVR, GV-Megapixel camera, and 3rd party IP cameras
  • Click on event to retrieve playback immediately
  • Badge information and live video comparison eases identity verification
  • Historical events with synchronized video can be accessed via the Internet

GV- cctv AS

Installed in remote PC,
unlimited link to GV-ASManager
Main function:
Monitoring & Basic control


IP cam Integration Features

  • Suitable for small installation site where few doors need live video monitoring to raise security level
  • With GV-Megapixel camera, each event’s associated high resolution snapshot makes exam image details possible while searching back
  • GV Access Control System also supports wide range of 3rd party leading brand IP cameras
  • E-mail notification to contain both event snapshot and database stored cardholder photo to ease comparison
  • List of snapshots of one person’s access record with database photo to distinguish abnormal events, such as tailgating

GV cctv

Web interface
Main function:
Search historical event with synchronized video


Access Control Features

  • When a card is swiped at the reader, or when an alarm detector is triggered, the PTZ camera can be configured to turn to the monitoring region of reader or alarm detector
  • High performance network access control system
  • Flexible and scalable architecture up to 255 GV-AS Controller
  • Seamless integration with GeoVision DVR Series/ GV-Compact DVR/ GV-Video Server/ GV-IP camera / 3rd party IP camera
  • Each log information with corresponding video
  • Real-time door status monitoring, support 16-screen multi live view
  • Web interface for historical log search with synchronized video and snapshot
  • Remote monitor/ video playback/ door operation
  • Support Microsoft Access database
  • SMS or E-mail notification with user-defined content, video snapshot, and database photo
  • Comprehensive user/ card management system
  • User-defined viewer layout and dual monitor display support
  • Report export in Excel/ Text/ HTML file formats
  • Up to 256 configurable time zones and weekly schedules
  • Holidays planning for 14 months
  • Multiple cards per user
  • Up to 10,000 manageable access groups
  • 4 level authorization set-up
  • Event trigger recording

Case Study

cctv diagarm

Along with powerful access controllers and other hardware accessories, GeoVision offers a series of cutting edge, complementary access control software products – the GV-ASManager, the GV-ASWeb, and the GV-ASRemote – that provide the flexibility and scalability for both local and remote access control applications.

The diagram above shows interlinking connection between the access control applications for a particular retail chain. General purpose for each of these access control software is described below:


  • Access control software installed in local PC (e.g. in local chain store)
  • When/ Where/ Who access right set up
  • Provide comprehensive reporting features
  • E-mail alert for real time notification
  • Events associating with snapshot or video
  • Live view under one platform


  • Access control software installed in remote PC (e.g. in chain store headquarters)
  • Controls multiple GV-ASManagers installed at various locations – suitable for central control monitoring purpose
  • Remote monitoring, remote live multiview, and remote playback
  • Provides basic remote controls for door/alarm operation


  • Access to log data and synchronized video playback anywhere via the Internet
  • Available with quick search function
  • List video snapshot together with cardholder photo to ease verification


  • Flexible workforce schedule arrangement
  • Payroll calculation
  • Attendance and payroll report search


  • Web interface for creating visitor database and granting access
  • Visitor record search function