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  • Multi-VM ESXi® server platform
  • IP SAN and SSD Cache scale across appliances
  • Supports VMware vMotion & HA for failover and migration
  • Eliminates power and cost of a separate physical SAN

The vBank STAC™

vBank appliances deliver high-performance compute and storage resources that scale as appliances are “stacked” together in a vBank Storage And Compute Stack (STAC). Each vBank contributes a high-performance VMware ESXi virtual server environment with dedicated local compute resources as well as IP SAN resources that are shared across the entire STAC. A vBank STAC contains from three to twelve vBanks and can be expanded on the fly.

Key Features

  • Reduce Power and Cost by 40%
    vBank appliances integrate many virtual servers and scale-out storage resources in a common appliance that saves up to 40% in power, cost and rack space over physical servers and physical SAN storage.
  • Improve Uptime for Applications and Storage
    Storage and servers have traditionally been managed and protected as separate entities. The vBank STAC is self-healing for storage failures and optionally supports VMware vMotion and HA features to protect virtual servers.
  • Scale IP SAN Storage Seamlessly
    Storage can be logically and physically expanded while applications are running to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. Appliances contribute new capacity, bandwidth and RAID resources to the expanded array.
  • Data-on in Thirty Minutes
    Pivot3 uses virtualization technology to rejoin servers and storage in a single appliance that can be managed by server and network administrators. There is no need to master complex SAN concepts since the STAC is based on familiar Ethernet and server standards.